Are you often overwhelmed, tired and stretched by the many demands on your time and energy?

 Dissolve stress in just a few minutes at my nourishing
fortnightly group meditation sessions.

In our busy lives, we need smart inner practices that help us
release excess mental and emotional tension and
realign our energy.

*           *            *

I create powerful intuitively guided meditations designed to help you:

- release the tension you unwittingly absorb from other people, at work, from the news and online

- strengthen your connection to yourself and your spirit

- experience deep relaxation and a sense of peace

- reduce anxiety, information and technology overload and fluctuating emotions

- drop beneath the small stories that keep you fearful, anxious and stressed

- soothe your mind and calm your nervous system and energy

- reconnect to the wisdom and the subtle intelligence you have within you

- strengthen your intuition and use it in your daily life

- ground and balance your energy so you feel strong, clear and centred within yourself


*           *            *

Come and experience my guided meditations and reconnect to all that you are.

Book now to reserve your place at my next meditation session, 
held fortnightly in Killarney Heights, Sydney.

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If you can't make sessions in person, not to worry, I will be releasing audio meditations on this site very soon! Sign up below to be the first to receive my audio meditations when they are released.


I'm Laurelle Wishart - an Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Mum, Meditation Facilitator and co-founder of Sydney Soul Circle. I help women answer the call of their souls within and outside of the roles they play, especially motherhood.

My mission is to help you value the wisdom within and bring it into your parenting, relationships, family and work.