A fearless manifesto: why sacred action is the best antidote to fear and powerlessness

I talk a lot about fear in my posts, and that's because it really kicks my butt at times as it probably does yours! From the fear I sometimes have as a parent on behalf of my kids, to the fear I energetically absorb from other people, the news and social media every day, to the fear I have about the direction we are headed in collectively... there is no shortage of fear to make us feel like we have very little control in our lives, or over the bigger picture.

The thing about fear is more often than not it has the effect of making us contract and shut out connection, tolerance, sensitivity to others, and seeing things with perspective and love. Because holding too much fear puts us into a state of high stress, anxiety and overwhelm and we can't access our higher capacities from there.

That's why it's so important we find ways to release excess fear and tension from our system. Daily. Because we need to access to our higher capacities! Do whatever you can - exercise, swim in the ocean, do yoga, drink lots of water, learn how to ground your energy, meditate, eat well, get regular healings, massage or kinesiology, laugh a lot - whatever works for you to stay as connected to yourself as you can.

That's the first step. The second step was an absolute game changer for me recently. There is a powerful antidote to fear and powerlessness that's worth knowing about. It is committing 100% to doing what you came here to do.

A true soul path isn't really about personal fulfilment - though it can be deeply fulfilling. It's about contributing in some fundamental way to something bigger than yourself - whether it's through parenting, your work, the way you treat others, or the big huge idea that just might change the world. It can be small moments of presence, or large bold action. Only you know in your heart what you are called to do and have the capacity for at this time, which will continue evolving over time.

But if you are called to do something, and you've been holding back on answering that call because of fear, I urge you to start channelling that fear into answering the call. That's where you do have power! That's what you can do to make a difference!

That huge yearning to contribute can only be fulfilled when you start contributing! Not by more inner work, reading more self-help books or waiting for a year when things are easier .. but by doing the very thing that scares you because then you are doing your part! And if you are doing your part you are not powerless, not for a second.

It's called sacred action. Sacred action is the best antidote to fear and powerlessness.

Because when each of us steps fully into our power and uses the knowledge, wisdom and experience we have to strengthen connections, caretake the environment, and raise incredibly conscious kids etc..., I believe we can create a tipping point of positive change in our communities. Sacred action casts a big ripple folks.

That's how we utilise fear - we bring ourselves into this life and we give it all we've got. We use our gifts even if terrifies us to show up. We make the decisions that place our hearts outside our chests because we know the time is now and there is no other you who's going to fulfil your role some other time.

There's no point holding back anymore, because then fear rules your life. And that right there is the true meaning of powerlessness. That's when you feel like you're in a prison with the key but you just won't use it to open the door. And the minute you realise that you have the antidote to all the fear you carry, you just get over yourself. You realise it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, or whether you'll succeed or fail, you just have to try! For your kids. For the earth. For your soul.

Please trust that you have what you need within and that you'll be supported as you step forward and just go for it. Dive in, for the world is waiting, and we each have something important to contribute.