Break free of the fear and take inspired action!

Do you sometimes worry that time is speeding up or running out, that you've missed the boat, and maybe it's too late to do what you really wanted with your life? 

Thoughts like these come from fear and scarcity thinking, and sometimes a hard to grasp ambivalence about where you are at in your life, that can keep you doubting yourself and prevent you from taking action. Even if you're bored and stagnant, unchecked fear has the power to keep you right where you are ... for far too long. 

If you're silently nodding your head, here's a fabulous article I loved that puts some of these thoughts firmly in perspective. It reminds us that life is not a race, that there are always more opportunities to grow and thrive, no matter what age or stage of life you are at.

So don't give up on your dreams just yet!

I don't know about you, but the year so far has shone a light on some major limiting beliefs and thoughts that have kept me stuck in the past, such as "it's too late, you should have done this or that differently, or if you do that you'll be decimated ..."  

What I've noticed about these kinds of thoughts is they come up just before I'm about to take a big leap (aka risk). Hmmm, coincidence? I think not.

When fear significantly ups the ante, chances are it's high level confirmation you are not only on track, you're breathtakingly close to breaking through an old limitation.

But of course that's not the most obvious insight when you're in the grip of fear - more likely you start questioning yourself and your motives, and pause until you have more clarity. And if that leads to you stopping taking action altogether, then fear wins (this round), you give up (for now) and you stay where you are (again, for now), only to greet those same fears and beliefs again when you next summon the courage to try again.

That's ok. Sometimes it takes a few run ups for the moves that really count.

Whilst moving forward is scary, it can be far more uncomfortable to stay stuck. And if you've been stuck on the runway for a while now, never quite taking off, what can you do to break the cycle?

I strongly believe there are times when good quality support can be the difference between moving forward and staying stuck, simply because your conditioning and psychology is so powerful and it's not always easy to see the ways you're holding yourself back. Structured support from someone who sees your potential and your value and holds it for you until you are ready to claim it for yourself can absolutely help you break through fear and get back on track.

And so, in honour of Mother's Day coming up this month (in Australia) and because I love supporting women to show up and bring their gifts into the world, I have an amazing offer for five women who are at a crossroads in their life: who are ready to break through their limiting beliefs and stories that have been holding them back and take brand new action, and who would like an extra nudge to help get back on track.

I'm really excited to offer five women an Intuitive Coaching 'Breakthrough' Package with me, which includes: 
three x 90 minute intuitive coaching sessions, held fortnightly over Skype or phone, plus unlimited email support -  for just $250 - 40% off my normal rates. Sessions to commence in May.

These sessions will give you the support, encouragement and accountability to move past your fears and limiting beliefs and kickstart you into inspired action! By the end of the three sessions, you will have taken off the runway with some great strategies in place to continue to support your forward momentum. You will feel focused, inspired and more connected to yourself than ever. 

This offer is available to the first five women to jump in, so if you're keen and ready to kickstart a new phase of action, or know someone else who is, please get in touch now - email

It's never too late to start afresh!

Much love 

Laurelle xo