Women, we need your wisdom

I realised this week that much of where we are headed into the future is unchartered. With rapid changes globally over the past few decades, it's hard to imagine what the world will be like in 50 years, which is unsettling, especially if you have children. There's no doubt we will face a lot more change ahead and we're in for quite a ride. 

And that’s why if you're called to follow an unconventional path of service or to create big changes within an existing field, and you've got a fire in you to make a difference with your life's work, you're probably finding it quite challenging to navigate. Because we are quite literally feeling our way forward in the dark, living as we are in transitional times.  

How do you contribute to a solution when you can't rely on the current structures and systems to support you into the future, because they're barely functioning as is?

How do you continue to trust in your work when so much of what you are doing is planting seeds of change, the fruits of which may not be seen in your lifetime? 

How do you keep forging ahead when those in your personal life or at work stare at you blankly, with little understanding or interest in what you're attempting, not to mention that distinct feeling in the air you've lost your grip on reality? 

The reason it's so challenging is we're bridging two different realities now, and from what I can see, we'll be in this transition for quite some years, possibly decades, to come. 

There’s the old way: business as usual ... what we've always done will always work ... nothing's wrong ... nothing needs fixing so just get on with your life and be happy - to recognising we are collectively facing serious problems (which your children will gladly tell you about lol), and it's up to us to do something about it. Or at least try. 

Having a foot in two realities is seriously confusing and challenging because the ground is constantly shifting under both feet, and because a large part 0f our internal make-up, our psychology, remains firmly loyal to the old reality. And the power of this within you cannot be underestimated.

And of course, on the surface, things seem the same. That's why the magnetic pull of "how things are" in this culture can keep you in a holding pattern for years, as you question your motives and second guess yourself. It takes a lot of conscious effort and courage to resist the pull of staying in familiar territory and stay connected to your own knowing so you can explore and branch beyond what you know.

Women, in my view, are an important part of the solution, because women hold the wisdom and the knowing of how to birth something new in their DNA, whether or not they have birthed a child.

When old ways aren't working any more, a different kind of wisdom is needed to guide us forward.

Women, we need your ancient wisdom now. We need your ability to surrender and trust, your sharp instinct and deep wiring for connection, and your innate attunement to the cycles of life - knowing how and when to let things die as well as how to birth and nurture new life. We need this wisdom to be used in conjunction with your intellect and your wits as you create new paths and solutions with others in the world.

Because we will all need help letting go of our allegiance to old comforts and ways of life that won't serve us moving forward just as we'll need bridges to help us cross over into new ways of being.   

Because this is the call - some of us are being called to do this new bridging work. It’s almost unnamable - and it’s taken me years to get to the point where I can articulate this much, that this is the work I'm here to do. It's why I have a blog and run a women's circle and support women to embrace the call of their soul within their busy lives. Because it's needed, because we have this insane wisdom within us, and it breaks my heart that so many women don't know about the intelligence they have in their own bodies. I didn't know about this hidden intelligence and wisdom for the first 34 years of my life either, but once I discovered it, it's been my mission to help other women reconnect to it.

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.
— Albert Einstein

What I'm noticing is increasing numbers of women courageously taking steps in the dark, fuelled by a fire in their hearts, a willingness to keep asking questions that have no easy answers and by an unshakeable trust in their own capacities to make a difference. Because they know in their bones a new response is needed.

Of course this is not an idea the majority of the population would be remotely interested in, but I raise it because we need to explore what else is possible. And I raise it for the benefit of those of you who are already having these conversations, with other like-minded people, or just over and over in your own mind and heart. I want you to know you are not alone, there are many inspiring women paving a new way forward despite great odds.

I truly believe these are incredible times to be alive in, because we have so much potential within us to create sustainable solutions, and so please believe in yourself,  please keep moving forward into the unknown, please keep trusting, and please do whatever you can to reconnect to the wisdom you hold within and share it.

Can you relate to navigating two realities? I would love to hear what it's like for you - please leave a comment below or send me an email

Finally, please share this post with the courageous souls in your life trying so hard to make a difference, to let them know their efforts are seen and very much appreciated. Especially, by the generations to come.

Much love xo