The pull of the old against the call of the new

When you're awakening without any real solid ground beneath your feet, it can be really helpful to get clear on what your deeper overall vision is for your life. Because this becomes your new anchor as you move forward. This is what keeps you in forward motion when the pull of the old tries to throw you back into your old self, your old comforts, your old ways.

For when you're changing and rediscovering who you are it’s so easy to get pulled back to who you were, like a giant contraction flinging you back into your old comfort zone - bringing up confusion about what's true and making you question why you ever left! It can be crazy-making to be in that in-between space, not who you were, but not yet fully anchored in who you truly are. We can get stuck there for quite some time.

Never underestimate the power of the cultural "norm" to fog up your mind when you're this close to clarity; to put the breaks on when you’re about to leap; to bring up doubt and fear as you're taking off with great courage. The cultural spell of “how things are done” is so strong and pervasive, because it’s how we’ve all been conditioned to stay safely within the lines. 

We're not here just to colour within the lines!

When you awaken you are birthing the real you, you are birthing into living your deeper vision for your life. It’s believing in your passion for change and for truth. It's believing who you are matters. You’re being called to allow that passion to stir you up inside and to make the changes necessary so you can bring all of what you have - your inspired ideas, your integrated intelligences, whatever it is - you can bring it into the world to serve others.

This is soul work. And it is the call of our time.

We need more women to be the sacred warriors, change-makers, way-showers, thought leaders and inspired thinkers to bring forth a new way of being in the world, a new way of being present. Because globally we are on a trajectory of change and it will lead us out of our comfort zones whether we like it or not.

The most incredible opportunity arises in times of change.

We now have an opportunity to steer the ship forward rather than let the ship move any which way without anyone in control. When enough people wake up and reclaim their gifts, and are willing to step outside of the norm to follow what feels right and true for them, bearing in mind the needs of their loved ones and the collective, that’s when the ship can be steered into a course that will benefit the greater good. 

So if you are hearing in your heart a call to do things differently, to integrate different areas of knowledge, to reclaim ancient wisdom and healing, to learn about a field that excites you no end but makes no logical sense, can you trust what you are sensing? Can you make some room for it in your life? Can you let go of the pull of the old and surrender into the call of the new? Can you make a choice that honours your truth over the noise of those who don't and may never get it?

I don't know where this is leading because this is a new paradigm, to live from your heart, to honour a call that's arising from within. This is unchartered, certainly in my life. But just because it's unchartered and unfamiliar doesn't make it any less relevant, less needed. Just because it's not validated by the greater culture doesn't dilute the power of the shift that's now happening for so many people. 

My writing comes from a fire within and currently I'm being called to write more of the truth that comes through. This post is one of those moments where my fingers poured out these words onto my laptop in the space of minutes. Sometimes passion does that.

I no longer wish to hold back these more personal posts (I have a bank of them building up that I've been nervous about sharing publicly) but I'm going to start sharing them in the hope that someone will benefit from reading them. For I long to be a part of a new conversation around bringing the soul back into our culture, empowering women to own their unique light and supporting all of us to navigate a new way of being in the world that is more nourishing and supportive for all.

What is your truth?  What are you yearning to share, to own, to claim? Can you let that be your vision for now, to be your anchor through the fog of the norm? 

Love to hear if this post resonated with you. Feel free to comment below or send me an email