Answering the call

I believe humanity is being called to wake up. Some of us are hearing the call loud and clear and wondering what to do about it. Some of us are responding as best we can within the context of our modern lives. Some of us have heard the call, and are actively sprinting in the other direction, too terrified to answer. And many more are not listening. Not answering. Not today. And definitely not tomorrow...

And yet the world needs enough of us to be fully awake, aware and willing to bring all of the intelligence, creativity, inspired ideas, wisdom, resourcefulness and courage within us to create the best possible future for the next generations and for our planet. 

This knowing of the need to awaken courses through my veins - it's been palpably building in me for years, calling me to act on it in some way, but for years I didn't quite know how to. The passion towards service, supporting and encouraging others on their paths was so huge, and yet I doubted it. I doubted the validity of my purpose because it didn't come from my rational mind. It was bursting from an uncontainable fire in my heart and I didn't know if I could trust it.

Perhaps you resonate with being on fire with an idea, an inspiration or a need to act combined with a strong sense of urgency; yet at the same time having more questions than answers because it all feels so big. So momentous. So outside of the norm of your life. A bit much pressure to hold on your own. 

And yet I've noticed this phenomena of awakening is not just happening to you or me; so many people I know are waking up to an inner clarity that a new way is needed. Many are finding themselves pulled into creating entirely new paths, reinventing their career or lifestyles, or integrating what they've learnt on the journey of awakening into the skills they already have. And then bringing it forward. It feels like an inner revolution is happening; a giant reckoning.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
— Albert Einstein

I've learnt to trust the intelligent energy we have inside of us to direct us in our lives. To listen, feel and sense what's there, what's calling us. Because we get called from within as well as recognising there's a need, a heartbreak that becomes the fuel for our passion.  

When the urge towards service in you is strong, there is no mistake. You can ignore it for a time, but it ultimately keeps returning. Because it's your calling - your personal phone of destiny is ringing! Why on earth would you want to ignore the call? 

Why indeed! If you've been hearing the call, and the thought of it freaks you out, some of the resistance you might have to answering it can be the sense that doing so will change everything. That it will stretch you, challenge you and force you to make big changes. It will ask you to be visible and to get comfortable speaking your truth. It might change your current relationships and career. It will propel you to do things you would prefer to crawl under the covers than do.

It will ask for courage, for vulnerability, for determination, for trust and most of all, for truth. 

Surely these are compelling enough reasons to ignore it?!

The truth is, if you're hearing the call, you're already different.

You are ready (you just may not want to admit it). You're ready to serve in a different way. You're ready to show up to yourself and your life. You're ready to tell yourself the truth and do what you were born to do. Yes it might take you a few years to figure out the 'how', and that's okay, it's a long term gig.

There is no one formula for the journey of awakening that fits everyone. But if there was one, it would be this almighty arrow pointing you back to yourself - because those gifts, that purpose, passion ... that drive, motivation and direction - all of it lies within you. You were born with it. It can lay dormant for many years, often decades, until suddenly it awakens in you and starts to pull you forward as if it's a bolt from above. Yet in all truth, it is an awakening from within.

To be called is a profound gift. To go from tending to your life to suddenly having a sense of purpose, direction and urgency; to feeling a spark inside pulling you forwards is precious. That's when things start to get interesting. It's not easy, not for a second, it's definitely not comfortable, it will change you inside and out, but I truly believe it is the most important work of your life. And it's very possibly the new normal. 

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