Acting on your dreams

Do you have a dream sitting in your heart gathering cobwebs? Is there something you've longed to do for years that you've put off with some rock solid excuses as to why you can't yet attend to it?

These past few weeks have seen a long-held dream of mine come to life. I’m in the middle of life coaching training with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy (@bycacademy). I've done a lot of professional training in the counselling / personal development fields over the years but this is one of the best courses I've ever done. 

This could have something to do with the fact I’ve always secretly dreamed of becoming a coach, but for a long time held back from doing anything about it. My friends and family were adamant I didn't need another qualification to do great work in the world and I also convinced myself that I'd put so much time and effort into becoming a counsellor, it would be foolish to walk away from that profession and become a coach. And yet my interest in coaching never went away.

Sometimes we let others' opinions be our excuse for why we shouldn't stretch ourselves into new areas and sometimes we make up compelling reasons as to why we should stay doing what we're doing, even when our hearts have moved on. Or we assume key people won't approve of our wish to change paths so we'd best ditch the idea. 

Have you done this?

Some dreams don't go away because they were never meant to be ignored in the first place. 

That's why I believe you should seriously check out your dreams that are still with you once and for all. At least then you won't be left wondering for the rest of your life.

That's why I decided at the beginning of this year to finally honour seven years of dreaming about becoming a coach, after following and envying other coaches' work, reading lots of coaching books, and having sessions with coaches and feeling my heart light up like nothing on this earth. When I took the plunge and enrolled in the course that drew me the most, I felt incredible excitement, and an unshakeable knowing and passion from the moment I started that, after years of searching for the right fit, I'd finally landed.

With my new coaching friends, Rowena Mabbott from @joyhopelove and Kate Cashman from @ikigaiwellness at the recent @bycacademy Inspiration Day in Melbourne

With my new coaching friends, Rowena Mabbott from @joyhopelove and Kate Cashman from @ikigaiwellness at the recent @bycacademy Inspiration Day in Melbourne

Know this: your dreams matter. When you act on a long cherished dream, a whole new world opens up for you and it can literally bring you back to life. It also draws to you the most beautiful new connections with like-minded people, who it feels as if you've known a lifetime, when it's only been one day.

Life really does expand in line with your courage to try something new. 

You might have a dream to change careers, learn a new skill, follow a passion or find out who you are. And yet something that holds so many of us back is waiting for someone (anyone??) to give you permission to go ahead. 

Those fairytales that promised you'll get rescued if you're a good person and do the right thing have a lot to answer for! There is no rescuer, no permission giver - you have to be willing to liberate yourself and you do this by giving yourself permission. 

Because the only person with the minutest possibility of making your dreams happen is you.

So if you have a dream on hold, could it be time to get it out of your heart and onto paper? Would you be willing to let it simmer somewhere where you can see it? 

And if you've already done that and the urge to bring it to life is super strong, what's one step you could take to move you closer to making that dream a reality? This is where your imagination comes in handy - to help you with the very important job of co-creating the life you really want.

There’s magic in following your heart and in bringing long held dreams to life. And there's power in taking action. I urge you not to let your life go by without deeply questioning what it is you are going to do about those dreams in your heart. 

I look forward to sharing more of my coaching journey with you and I'd love to hear about the dreams you hold close. I know you have them in you, because who doesn't? Naming them and taking them seriously can be the first step towards making them a reality.

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