Is the grass really greener?

Perception is everything isn’t it? How often do we assume the grass is greener for other people without having a clue what their lives are really like? And how they feel within them?

You might imagine you'd be happier with a different job, if your kids were better behaved, if your family had less issues, if your partner watched less TV, if you had a nicer house, went on more holidays, had more money, more time, less wrinkles, less dimples ....

But would you be happier, more content, or would you create the same kind of situation in a different setting? 

Who knows? 

The one constant in the equation is you. You bring you into every interaction, so many of the areas of your life where you feel blocked, stuck or in conflict with someone or something, give you a rare glimpse into how and where you may be getting in your own way. Where you may be caught in wishful thinking, holding onto past expectations, trying to keep things the same (even when they’re not) or avoiding dealing with the unresolved.

There is something to learn from every situation that shows up.

The truth is we're all trying to find answers to similar questions: how to feel good about ourselves within the situations we face, how to manage difficult relationships, how to manage our mindset and our emotional reactions to other people and our environment, how to deal with loss and change, or how to deal with the same stifling routine for too many years. We are all trying to manage our own lives as best as we can. And it's not easy! 

Each of us are searching for our own kind of holy grail because it’s the human condition to be restless and resistant to what is, and to imagine there's a magical answer to make things perfect once and for all.

So no, the grass is rarely greener. It’s just grass. And it’s green. We all have our dramas that easily fill up our days, months and years. Meanwhile, if we get too caught up in what others are doing, or focusing on what's not working in our lives, we can easily lose sight of what really matters to us when all is said and done. What you most value.

So with only a few months left of 2016, how will you choose to spend your precious time? Where are you going to direct your energy and attention? Where do you need to tell yourself the truth about what your life is showing you? And will you give yourself permission to take action towards what you really desire in your life, to get ready for 2017? I hope so!

Here's to tending to your own patch of grass with intention, love and focused action. xo