Release the pressure

So much pressure to fulfill
expectations held inside
Internalised voices luring you
with their disbelief and judgment
Weakening your resolve to trust
in your emerging true self

Voices laced with shame
Fear of not being enough.
For not doing what society expects
For not fitting into the norm
For letting go of false identities
that can never be replaced.

For your heart now hears a different beat
The call of what is true
One you cannot see, control or force
But unfolds a little each time
You summon the courage to act.

Are you mad to follow your heart?
To give control away to trust?
Where there are no answers; just questions.
Endless questions to be lived.
Breathed. Felt. Known

For your heart knows the truth
of your need to keep evolving.
Mind-made stories will try to distract
you from remembering this sensory journey
This miracle of being alive.

So put down those expectations
All that constructive advice
Clear your mind and space around you
To make way for something new
To see the possibilities and potential
in that which lies between
what you sense but can't yet see.

And then, when you're ready
Or even if you're not quite.
Just say yes.
Yes to coming back to life
Yes to strong, inspiring connections
Yes to intense, sensory pleasure
Yes to attuning to the rhythm of your one extraordinary life
Leaving the rest, unceremoniously, behind.