Your intuitive body

Over the years as I've studied and developed my own intuition, I've come to deeply respect the insanely intelligent and subtle wisdom of the body. Intuition is a special kind of listening, where you learn to trust and decipher the inner cues of your body and use that knowledge to take action in your life. 

Your body senses and collects subtle information from your relationships and inner and outer environment constantly, without any conscious effort on your part. When you’re distracted, and entranced by the outside world, when your face and fingers are glued to your devices and your head is spinning up in the same old story about your limitations, your body is listening for what in your life will bring you into closer alignment with who you are and what you need.

It speaks to you in its own unique language, via knowings, sensations, high level insights, dreams, feelings, and sometimes through pain and illness. Not to mention it's highest function - being the physical home for your soul. 

Your body is nothing short of a miracle. 

Regardless of how many degrees, certificates, and years of experience you've collected over your life, your body came into this world already wise. By the time we reached primary school, we'd been conditioned out of trusting our body's instinctual knowing, and taught instead to develop the rational mind and trust external authorities, experts and cultural rules. And that meant at some point, unless intuition was encouraged within your family, most of us became completely disconnected from this part of our human intelligence.

Our society's preference for the rational mind over the body's intelligence comes at a cost. We defer without a second thought to what the experts say is in our best interests. New mothers are more likely to pull out a parenting book or seek external guidance on how to manage all aspects of childrearing than listen closely to the deep instinctual mothering wisdom that's lies within them. And so many of us feel disconnected from ourselves.

Your body's intuition is your birthright and the journey to remembering it leads you back to your true nature. That's when you realise you don't need to outsource nearly so much. Believe me I outsourced almost everything to anyone who had more expertise than me up until the last few years, when I finally chose to pull back and trust myself. And in doing so, my intuition skyrocketed as my body knew I was finally listening. 

You're the only one who can possibly know what's best for you. In outsourcing your wisdom, you underestimate just how much your body knows. How wise it is and has always been.

If you want to learn how to strengthen your body's intuition, you start by choosing to be curious about and listen more closely to the way your body speaks to you. Your body has its own language and the best gift you can give yourself is to learn how to hear it. Your body loves it when you pay attention to it. In fact the more you listen to your body, and act on the information it gives you, the stronger your intuition will get. Doing this revolutionises your relationship with your body as you perceive it completely differently.

So what does the body's intuition look like in real life? It's far more subtle than you may expect.

Have you ever come down with the flu and immediately known your body had been giving you signals to slow down and rest when you felt exhausted and worn out? But instead of listening you kept going, made poor food choices, allowed minimal downtime, and didn't exercise for months resulting in you now being sick in bed? Your body was speaking to you loudly and clearly through your exhaustion, through your feeling of being wrought out.

Maybe you've had a friend phone you and invite you to an event, and for some reason your body says "no". You sense this but also don't want to offend your friend so you ignore your body and say yes to your friend. 

Or you go for a job interview and whilst the money and conditions tick the box, there's something not right about the boss or the role. You feel uneasy in your gut. That's your body's red flag that this isn't the job for you.

You can trust what your body tells you. It always knows what's best. 

That's because your body is guiding you all the time, giving you access to extra levels of insight and information that you can't access with logic alone. When you act on your body's information, you stay aligned to yourself and your body comes back into balance. It's that simple.

When you begin to perceive your body for what it truly is and the purpose it really serves, you'll discover it's the most sophisticated and intelligent sensory system on the planet - and it's yours

May this post inspire and encourage you to tap into your body's wisdom more often.

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