A little story about a life redirection

Have you ever had a friend, colleague, or even stranger show up in your life just when you were ripe for a redirection (even if you didn't recognise your need for change at the time)? Or have you read a paragraph in a book or heard a line in a movie that brought a knowing so palpable it caused you to make a big change?

I experienced a moment like this a decade ago, when a new friend took a strong interest in my career direction. He was one of those special people who believed in me long before I knew how to believe in myself. He could see I was stagnating in my current job and urged me to explore other career options or paths of study what would draw on my potential.

My response was lukewarm - my job was flexible and met my young family's needs. It was what I knew and was good at doing. I didn't know about having untapped potential - it sounded intriguing but not tangible enough. Changing the current situation seemed too overwhelming to contemplate. That is, until my friend asked me this simple question, which changed everything:

“Can you see yourself still doing the same job in 10 years time?”

Now that may seem an obvious question but strangely, at 33, I’d never thought a decade ahead. Possibly in denial of growing older, I’d been cruising along ... unchallenged but comfortable. And my friend saw this, and he saw me, and he named it. This man who hardly knew me and who disappeared out of my life not long after.

His question helped me to see my career with fresh eyes and all I could see ahead was a loss of soul if I stayed where I was. I didn't even know what 'loss of soul' meant but those were the exact words that came to me when he asked that question, accompanied by a strong sense of emptiness. That moment is burned in my memory because it shifted my entire perspective in a split second. I knew what I had to do. I had to find work with soul.

That's the power of being seen.

Now to put things in perspective, my intuition had been trying to get my attention for months via conflicted feelings and anxiety regarding my job, but my fear of change stopped me from listening.

Fear always blocks intuition.

Every time we act on our intuition, we strengthen our trust and belief in ourselves. When we ignore it, the intensity of the discomfort and inner conflict increases. How else will your body get your attention?

The point I wish to make in sharing this story with you is how exceedingly rare it is to be seen so clearly by someone. To have someone believe in you before you believe in yourself, and to be told the truth rather than what you want to hear. This kind of true presence can free you up in an instant from the comfort and fear mindsets that can and do keep you stuck for years. 

The people who believe in you and your potential, and want to see you reach it, are truly special. If you're ready for a change and are avoiding the truth, you may just find support and a cheerleader in people and situations you least expect.

There's always so much more going on in our lives than we can know or see in any given moment. It's always worth paying attention to the conversations you have with others, and to the feelings and intuitive signals your body gives you, because this is another level of support that you have available to you.

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