You are enough

Take a look at the lion. His presence, grace and strength are obvious to all who observe him. He doesn't doubt his ability. He just is. 

We can be so quick to believe we are not enough as we are. And yet that's the grand myth of our times, so intricately woven into our lives, that we need more to be happy.

The myth of more fuels our sense of not being enough. It's outward message is: buy this product or service and you will finally be okay. It's hidden message is: you're not enough, not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, rich enough, rational enough, fit enough, spiritual enough, successful enough... Not doing enough, caring enough, loving enough, making enough, being enough. 

The myth of more hoodwinks you into believing an external solution will fill the hole inside.

Have you noticed we've become obsessed with being anything other than who we are? And the crazy thing is we've fallen for it. We think we want perfection in our lives. But what we're chasing is a feeling, an inner sense of being okay with who we are, with the relationships we are in and the lives we have chosen to live.

In practical terms that feels like being connected, centred, calm, content, happy, inspired, nourished within yourself. And getting your core needs of love, belonging, security and connection, met.

Too much searching outside, too much filling up on the emptiness of more, distracts you from what really matters. Which is where you place your precious attention.

As the Cherokee parable goes, which wolf do you choose to feed? Are you feeding the never-ending sense of not being enough by focusing on what you don't have? On what's missing in your life? On superficial solutions? Or are you feeding a sense of abundance and self-worth by focusing on what you do have? What you can do with what you have? How fortunate you really are?

It's too easy to overlook just how enough you really are.

We never get to enough through external means, because that's hostaging your worth to the myth of more.

You are enough right now. You've always been enough. Just like the lion.