How to manage too much emotion

I’m a big fan of feeling emotions that arise, and yet when things are uncertain and we’re all feeling too much around too many things, some personal, some external, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start to feel powerless and rudderless within your own life.

Your emotional world can be like a jungle - thickly populated, with no real sense of direction. Especially when there’s highly charged emotion and fear in the air, which we’ve all felt in some way or another over the past week since the election.

Whilst all of us feel, we’re not all “feeler” types; we don’t all have the same way of processing our feelings. So many of us have been taught not to feel; to be strong, stoic and stay rational. Whilst more empathic types absorb the emotions of others as if they were their own, which is confusing because when you're feeling something inside it can feel like it's all yours. 

I’ve noticed myself craving sugar and endless cups of tea this week, which is one way of unconsciously dealing with the discomfort I'm feeling inside. Perhaps you've found yourself trying to numb out excess feelings in a similar way.

It's really important to take the time to acknowledge how you feel. But if you're finding yourself resisting your feelings, or are feeling off, or don't have enough time, or aren't wired to express your feelings, there is one simple and effective way to look after yourself in times of high emotion, stress and chaos.

Exercise daily. Make it a priority to get outside and move your body. Because emotions are energy: E-motion = energy in motion. They need an outlet and being realistic, we're not aways able to take the time we need to properly feel into them. But if we don't find ways to release that energy build up, it ends up coming out in more dysfunctional, often eruptive ways, which I'm sure those around us don't overly appreciate!

We need grounding practices in times of uncertainty, and exercise seriously is the best one you can do. As you walk, jog, cycle, swim, stretch etc… you might find thoughts and emotions coming up - see if you can allow them to arise and intend that through the exercise you are doing, the emotions will be released. It's a very powerful and conscious way of working with your emotions and getting the exercise your body needs.

Also, don't be afraid to ask yourself: is this mine? If you get a sense what you're feeling isn't actually yours, let it go. You don't have to carry everyone else's emotions for them. 

Self-care is a must in these times. For when you're able to stay connected to yourself, you can show up and respond in the most effective way to whatever is going on.

Feel free to share. Much love xo