A different take on life purpose

Over the past few years there's been a big increase in people wanting to find their life purpose.

We assume there must be a reason for our existence, and there comes a point for many of us, myself included, where we'll search high and low to find it.

So what is this verb 'purpose' that we treat like a noun... an end point... a fixed dot on the horizon? 

What happens if and when you reach your life's purpose? What then?

Can you really complete a life’s work and box it into a word like purpose?

These questions point to the existential nature of our existence. That we are thrust into the world like a blip at a particular moment in time with an unknown number of years to live.

What is a meaning-seeking human being meant to do with this kind of uncertainty? 

None of us really know what we're doing on this vast, magnificent planet, spinning in space, surrounded by trillions of different life forms, with human beings behaving as if they are in charge of it all.

For me it comes down to this...

If you are alive, you are living your purpose. Your life is your purpose.

The next layer of it is if you've always assumed that one day you'll find your purpose and live your dream life without ever doing anything differently, that day will remain fixed in an imaginary future.

Your life is an invitation to cultivate awareness, to experience, to feel, to love, to share and to take action. Now. And grow from it.

So whilst I love the idea of having a life purpose, perhaps it's more realistic and helpful to use 'life purpose' as a reminder that your life is far too short and precious to take for granted. 

The only moment you can ever be sure of is this one.

Ultimately, it's up to you and only you to consciously craft a life and relationships that will bring you the meaning you seek. It's terrifying to have so much responsibility. Or exhilarating.

You choose.