Hearing the call to awaken

The world is changing rapidly with uncertainty fast becoming the new norm. 

There's been a radical movement towards authenticity, spirituality, creativity and heart-directed action that's rippling outwards. Perhaps you've experienced it too. 

I believe we're at a crossroads, individually and collectively, where increasing numbers of people are hearing and responding to an inner call to show up and contribute to the world in creative, meaningful and new ways.

Many of these people are women. 

This call is an invitation to wake up, to see things as they are, not as you'd like them to be. It's also a call for a new vision for our world, one that embraces the heart.

Waking up is often triggered by an outer event, such as a crisis, trauma, change or illness, but it can also occur when you are ready to evolve. 

It may start with an intangible but persistent sense that something's missing. A niggling anxiety in your belly, and feelings of discomfort, uneasiness, fear, dissatisfaction, frustration, confusion or emptiness. 

You may be asking existential questions about the purpose and meaning of your life. When you ignore these thoughts and feelings, they intensify.

You are not meant to ignore your feelings. 

Your search for answers is a call from within to discover who you are.

You will receive many invitations to awaken in your lifetime, each one taking you deeper into who you are. Each one dismantling your previously held assumptions of reality. Each one bringing you closer to what you're here to do.  

Waking up isn't easy; it's a form of coming out, a courageous shedding of the conditioned outfit you've worn throughout your lifetime to fit in and please others.

Wearing clothes that don't fit denies you the freedom of being yourself.  

Each time you hide the truth of who you are, you deny your soul. 

Being yourself is the only thing you were born to do.

You can't be anyone other than you. When you own who you are, you naturally bring your gifts forward and everyone benefits.

Finding yourself is surprisingly challenging, especially for women who are used to pleasing others, playing small, or putting everyone else's needs ahead of their own. Especially when you're up against a lifetime of conditioning that's convinced you it's not okay to be you. 

The pull of the majority is very strong but there comes a point where the call is so loud, the inner conflict so intense that the path of least resistance is to forge your own path.

It starts with honouring who you are.