25 ways to show up more in your life

Here are my top 25 ways to show up more to yourself, your relationships and your life:

  1. Be true to yourself instead of what you think others expect or want you to be.
  2. Be willing to have a fierce conversation instead of avoiding the issue.

  3. Don't settle for mediocrity and comfort your whole life. Please.

  4. Be fully present in the moment and to those you are with as often as you can. Really see them.

  5. Slow down and breath deeply.

  6. Feel all of your emotions.

  7. Set clear boundaries, i.e. say no when you need to. You don't need an excuse.

  8. Tell the truth to yourself about how you really feel.

  9. Listen to your heart and act on it.

  10. Love passionately.

  11. Help others.

  12. Do what scares you the most.

  13. Be willing to be vulnerable and show it.

  14. Be there for others even when and especially when it's uncomfortable.

  15. Appreciate what you have whilst you have it.

  16. Care about the future of the planet, and take action towards it.

  17. Risk failure but do it anyway.

  18. Accept what is, with grace.

  19. Speak up. Don't hide your voice; what's true for you. What you have to say matters.

  20. Listen to others deeply.

  21. Search for your truth.

  22. Believe in yourself.

  23. Know your worth.

  24. Choose to respond rather than react.

  25. Accept yourself and others' imperfections.

What about you? Do you have any you would add to this list? Please share in the comments below.