How do you choose to spend your days?

How do you choose to spend the days you have in your life?

Could you be doing the same job, eating the same food, watching the same shows on TV, speaking to the same people about the same topics, day in day out for the rest of your life? 

It makes no sense to play the same old game until you die.

That’s not really what you’re here for. 

You are here to play a different game entirely than the game that you bought into, than the game that most people are unconsciously playing. 

'You get what you get and you don’t get upset' was the little jingle the teachers taught my kids to chant at preschool to encourage good behaviour at lunchtime. Don’t complain. Don't question.

Hello mediocre life.  

You’re not alone if you’re questioning the status quo. Millions of people are. There’s an entire movement of dissatisfied souls that are no longer content with the 'it's business as usual' message.

So if this is you waking up for the first time, my warmest hello. It’s not a moment too soon. 

The world needs you to wake up to the brilliant person inside of you who has been waiting, dormant, for you to take back the reigns of your creative life.

You must do whatever it is you need to do to shake off your slumber and show up, fully, as you.

It is not enough to feel the inner rumblings and roll back to sleep.

The rumble can only be ignored for so long. Once it gets louder (think panicky feelings, nightmares, intense dissatisfaction, depression with no real cause but deep down you’re terrified of making the changes you know are needed), you can’t go back to sleep. It's not possible.

It’s like you’ve opened a window that you didn’t know was there. Light streams through that window, shining on the unlived parts of you now ready to be lived. 

It's wonderful to have a dormant part of you come to life. A great new passion. A creative talent. Your job is to pay attention and follow the threads, to nurture it and give it space to develop.

What is life for if it’s not a playground for maximising the qualities you were born with: the intelligence, quirkiness, eccentricity, passion ... your gold? What is the point if you are not bringing that gold into the world and doing your part to contribute?

It's no fun spending your whole life playing small and pretending to be like everyone else. 

You're the only one who can be you.

If something turns you on, lights you up, and makes you feel fully alive, please follow it further. See where it leads. It doesn’t always lead to a new career path or amazing financial success. 

But the path of aliveness is the path that brings the most meaning and fulfilment to you and the world.