Women may well save the world

Women have a unique edge in the future of the world, because they are the natural nurturers and healers, mediators, compassionate warriors, and advocates for heart-centred change. 

If you are a woman living in the Western world reading this, you will know how fortunate you are to be born where you've been born, and to have freedom, rights, drinking water and a home to live in. 

This type of privilege comes with a unique responsibility. To do whatever you can to find out:

What can you do to make a difference in the lives of others?

How are you going to make your life count?

There's no need to immediately respond or answer. These are questions to live into.

The questions you ask yourself are very important.

If you don't ever ask yourself big uncomfortable questions, you won't ever set in train the incredible intelligence of your body, mind and soul to come up with astonishing, creative solutions.

There is gold in you. You have a gift to bring forward. We all do.

May you dig deep and find it and may these questions help you on your way.